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Conservator or Guardian

As a fiduciary serving as a conservator, we are appointed by law to oversee the estate and/or well-being of the Conservatee.  The Conservatee is the individual under the jurisdiction of a conservatorship.


A Conservatorship is a legal mechanism designed to manage the financial and/or personal matters of individuals deemed mentally or physically incapacitated by the court.

In this role, we may serve as a Conservator of the Person and/or a Conservator of the Estate.


A Conservator of the Person is tasked with making decisions concerning the health and welfare of the Conservatee, particularly when the court determines incapacity.


A Conservator of the Estate is responsible for prudently managing and safeguarding the assets of the Conservatee.


This includes cataloging, organizing, and overseeing all assets and benefits, handling income, settling estate obligations, applying for pensions, and preparing income tax returns, among other duties.

Whether managing personal well-being or financial affairs, we are dedicated to ensuring the proper care and protection of the Conservatee. Trust us to handle these responsibilities with compassion, diligence, and expertise.

Scott Mortenson J.D.

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