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Power of Attorney

At Ethos Pointe, located in Bend, OR, we provide essential Power of Attorney services, acting as your trusted agent for financial matters. This invaluable service ensures effective management of assets or income not held within a trust.  Appointing us as your Power of Attorney grants us the authority to oversee various financial aspects, particularly those assets that cannot be titled under a trust’s name, such as real estate, tangible property, investments, bank accounts, business interests, and IRA assets.

A Power of Attorney is crucial in situations where an individual becomes incapacitated or is otherwise unable to manage their financial affairs. It ensures that financial obligations are met, investments are managed, and critical financial decisions are made without delay. Additionally, it can prevent financial abuse and mismanagement by unauthorized individuals, providing a layer of protection for your assets.

Trust Ethos Pointe to handle your financial matters with diligence, expertise, and integrity, providing peace of mind in the management of your estate in Central Oregon.

Scott Mortenson J.D.

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