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Trust Protector
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We understand the critical role of a Trust Protector in safeguarding the integrity and intent of your trust. As your Trust Protector, we act as a neutral third party, ensuring that the trustee adheres to the trust’s terms and the grantor’s wishes are honored. Our services include monitoring trustee performance, resolving disputes, and making necessary amendments to the trust as circumstances change.

Hiring a Trust Protector offers several benefits. It provides an additional layer of oversight, reducing the risk of mismanagement or abuse by trustees. A Trust Protector can also offer flexibility, allowing for adjustments to the trust in response to new laws or unforeseen circumstances. This ensures that the trust remains effective and relevant over time.

We are dedicated to protecting your legacy, providing oversight, and ensuring that your beneficiaries’ interests are always prioritized. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trust is in capable and trustworthy hands.

Trust Ethos Pointe, located in Central Oregon, to uphold the highest standards of fiduciary duty and to navigate the complexities of trust administration with diligence and integrity. 

Scott Mortenson J.D.

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